Prague Bachata Marathon 2025

15.05. - 19.05.2025

spring edition

Marathon concept

100% social event, NO shows, NO workshops

  • Make more friends, have more fun and time for dancing
  • For real dance animals, parties all day & night long
  • gender balanced event for intermediate+ and advanced dancers
  • Food and soft drinks all inclusive, all you can eat

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Welcome Family Meetup

Romantic Grotta

Join us the first day and welcome your friends at this beautiful and romantic place in the center of Prague.

* outdoor party - in case of bad weather the meeting may be cancelled

Thursday 15th May

18:00 pm - 21:00+ pm

Havlíčkovy Sady, 12000 Prague 2, Czechia


Marathon days

Art Nouveau Building

Dancehall with professional wooden dancefloor for competitions.

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th May

Friday 18:00 pm - 06:00 am
Saturday 12:00 noon - 06:00 am
Sunday 12:00 noon - 18:00 pm, 21:00 pm - 03:00 am

Bělohorská 262/35, 16900 Prague 6, Czechia


Farewell Family Meetup

Romantic Grotta

Come to say goodbye to your friends and spend your last day in Prague at this beautiful place.

Monday 19th May

an unofficial friend's meetup of friends
14:30-15:00 pm till 21:00 pm

Havlíčkovy Sady, 12000 Prague 2, Czechia

Food and soft drinks

all inclusive, all you can eat

Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose, Gluten free or any other diet ? We take care of you !

Are you curious what's on the menu ?

Our Food Menu

Meals schedule

No one stays hungry !

All inclusive food and soft drinks included in the ticket price.

Friday 16th May

20:00 pm - 22:00 pm dinner
01:00 am - 02:00 am night snack

Saturday 17th May

12:00 noon - 14:00 pm brunch
16:00 pm - 17:00 pm afternoon snack
20:00 pm - 22:00 pm dinner
01:00 am - 02:00 am night snack

Water with fruit & herbs, coffee and tea

Anytime you feel thirsty or you need a coffee break

Sunday 18th May

12:00 noon - 14:00 pm brunch
16:00 pm - 17:00 pm afternoon snack

Lot of fruit, chocolate and cakes

The highlight for your taste buds is the chocolate fountain with lot of fruit to make you dance all night and day long.

Saturday 17th May

23:59 midnight Saturday midnight chocolate fountain

Marathon DJs

Great DJs and music is the most important of every event

DJ timetable - who's behind the decks right now ?

DJ Alejandro


DJ Andy


In Winter 2005/06 he stayed in the Dominican Republic for some weeks and fell in love with bachata music.

Back in Vienna, he started dancing salsa in 2009 and finally bachata in 2011. Since 2016 he dances sensual bachata and tried also kizomba. Because of his DJing experience from when he was still a student, starting with DJing again was only a small step. In 2018, he began working at socials in Vienna, and it didn’t take long for him to get booked at every important bachata social there.

He played his first international festival in Hungary back in 2019 and since 2021 he’s established to be the resident DJ of myDance Vienna in Vienna and Hungary. He is booked at every big bachata and latin festival in Vienna. From Vienna bachata experience to Latin am Fluss Festival and even Vienna Bachata Congress. He is also DJing at international festivals in Hungary and Czech Republic.

In 2024 he started also DJing in Asia. He is also working as bachata producer and does his own remixes. His musicality is a given, because of his many years of playing the violin and the guitar, and naturally makes him feel the mood on the dance floor and create a good flow for the dancers.



DJ Happy Feet


DJ HappyFeet (Viktor Vašina, CZE). You can usually spot him barefoot at dance events.

As a dancer and teacher he's focused on connection, communication and fun between dancers.

As a Dj he wants to support these attributes with his music. He's gained most of his experience at mixed parties (salsa, bachata, kizomba) where the DJ needs to mix different styles of music but flow of the party is still top priority.

Instead of spectacular sound effects you can expect empathy with the dancefloor and your mood.

Secret DJ

Secret DJ

Secret DJ

Secret DJ



Your DJ 🎧, marathon organizer, host and crazy strawberry 🍓😆

Your ticket to invaluable experiences

Join us for 54 hours bachata marathon at family-like event for a limited number of intermediate and advanced dancers and friends with food and soft drinks all inclusive

  • 2* brunch, 2* dinner, 4* snacks
  • unlimited water / coffee / tea
  • Saturday chocolate & fruit fountain
  • Check our meal menu

*   This event is ONLY for registered guests.
** It is NOT POSSIBLE to come just for one day party


155 EUR Food All inclusive / All you can eat until 30th July
  • Welcome meetup
  • Marathon parties
  • Sunday After party
  • Monday Farewell meetup
Register and Apply for a spot

Do not miss the best price

* price valid until the date or if not sold out
until 30th Jul 24th Sep 16th Nov 13th Jan 27th Feb 6th Apr 20th May
155 EUR 170 EUR 180 EUR 185 EUR 190 EUR 195 EUR 200 EUR
  • "That was the best dance event I visited in 2021. I really enjoyed meeting up with known and unknown dancers and the high level of dancing. I have already recommended the event to many people and they were happy to have joined."

  • "Again it was very well organized and had very nice friendly atmosphere as always."

  • "Everything! The idea, organization, dancers, music, venue, atmosphere...just everything ❤️"

  • "If you like amazing music, great level of dancing and one of the most friendly atmosphere ever in the salsa world, you HAVE TO experience dance marathos by Zdenek. 🙂 At least once and then you can become addicted and be proud of it at the same time. Like myself 🙃🙂❤️ Sabina from sLOVENia"

  • "High level of dancing. Great atmosphere. Just the nicest event."

  • "This was my first Fall Prague Salsa Marathon and I was most impressed. The high level of organisation, especially after all the uncertainty of the pandemic times in which we’re currently living, is very laudable! From the ticket purchase and transfer to the check-in and staff, welcome drink, outstanding meal offerings, friendly and professional kitchen staff, top-notch DJ lineup, quality level of balanced leads/follows, this Fall Prague Marathon was, quite simply, excellent!"

    Trinidad & Tobago
  • "I loooved the event. Perfect parity between leaders and followers and every dancers has a good level (no beginners) so you are literally never sitting. Beautiful venue in an incredible city"

    United States
  • "Very nice friendly event!"

  • "This event is very special. What I like about the Prague marathons compared to others is the amazing combination of passionate dancers dancing to music played by passionate, experienced DJ's in a very quaint and comfortable venue, serving up very tasty buffet style meals and loads of snacks in between. I love how the snacks and meals are integrated completely with dancing area. The dancing is seemingly non-stop, starting from noon lunch/brunch until 6 AM in the morning. And perhaps the best is the general atmosphere of being relaxed and unpretentious, attended by friendly passionate dancers. Why I would recomend this event to my friends? Because it is a great way to dance a lot to really good music, to chill out with friends, and to get to know passionate salsa people much more closely than would be possible at larger, more formal salsa events."

  • "Great people, excellent djs, splendid venue, variety of food, everything was really good!"


Our Venues

Romantic Grotta

Havlíčkovy Sady, 12000 Prague 2, Czechia

The Grotta is the main attraction of the Havlicek Gardens and looks like a fairytale with its peculiar rock formations. The artificial cave looks unusual on the building and features the arcade promenade which is quite unique in Prague. The Grotta dates back to 1871 to 1888 when it was intricately built by Moritz Grobe, a millionaire. After renovation in 2011, the cave was opened for public.


Romantic Grotta

Marathon venue

Bělohorská 262/35, 16900 Prague 6, Czechia

The main marathon event takes place in the art nouveau building called “Na Marjánce”. It has professional wooden dancefloor for dance competitions.


Marathon venue


Hotels and appartments

There are many options around the dance venue from cheap apartments to 3-4 **** stars hotels.
The best is to find one on Booking or AirBnb platform.

Location of the main marathon venue:

Bělohorská 262/35, 16900 Prague 6, Czechia

Experience comfort with our partner hotels

Shared accommodation

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